If audio only is more your thing, here you go:

Squatober week 1 is done, week 2 kicking off.

In this episode we talk about what Squatober is and what it’s all about.

It is an official thing, created by Sorinex (USA company, HQ right here in good old Columbia, SC), who is where we get all our workout equipment from. While it is an official program that they get some ‘famous’ powerlifter/weight lifter types to write, we create our own, more suited to our personal more discerning WOD ways here at Workhorse.

Discussion is about how to stay disciplined and what happens when inspiration wears off. How are you going to keep after your goals when you don’t really want to get after it anymore.

We also go over some of the ‘challenges’ we put ourselves through.
This week was:
Challenge 1: 100x Back Squats @ 135#
Challenge 2: 1/2 mile of Lunges

Until next week, keep getting after it.

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