3 Reasons to Take Time to Improve Core Strength

Among the many scientific reasons as to why there is an emphasis for the importance of strong core, there are 3 focal points that will be hit:

1) Improved performance and safety through stability; specifically in strength training and gymnastics

  • By increasing core strength, your body will have a stronger base which, in turn, allows you to withstand a higher amount of external load supported by your person (moving more weight without crushing your spine).
  • Core strength is essential for gymnastics movements such as kipping pull-up, HSPU, muscle-ups (ring and bar), and anything that requires you to be inverted. The enhanced core strength allows for greater body control within these movements, which allows you to become more efficient.

2) Improved body composition

  • Strengthening your core can allow for improved FAT-BURNING, specifically around that midsection (front and back) which we all know is a stubborn area. Putting a few extra minutes and reps in for core development will help get you to achieve that “look good in a swimsuit” appearance…so long as your nutrition is in check 🙂

3) Improved spinal health…this is quite possibly the most important reason

  • Your spine is a very important piece of your body and it is critical that it is held in place with good, strong, mobile muscles. With a strong core and back, you will be less likely to develop spinal injuries, complications that could lead to expensive surgeries, or be prescribed to unnecessary pain medications (also, see your local family chiropractor).
3 Reasons to Take Time to Improve Core Strength
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