7 Reasons to join Workhorse Fitness

1. Programming that works
Stop wandering around the gym aimlessly! As a Workhorse member, you simply need to show up. We’ll take it from there with workouts that are professionally programmed and changed daily to keep it interesting.

2. Trainers who care
Good trainers don’t just motivate, they help people improve. From reinforcing proper form, to discussing diet habits, our trainers are always available to help our members succeed in and out of our group classes.

3. A focus on fundamentals
We won’t throw you to the wolves. New members are put through a one-month 101 program to build their strength, endurance, and develop the proper form for every movement. The only thing more important than exercise is exercising properly.

4. Results
Every three months members complete a benchmark workout so that they can see their improvement over time. In our last benchmark, virtually all of our members doubled their performance in just three short months! How many gyms can say that?

5. Encouraging atmosphere
Studies show people who work out in groups are more likely to come to the gym, and burn more calories when they do. Our members encourage one another, whether it’s getting your first pull up or completing a personal record deadlift.

6. The total package
We mix in body weight, cardio, and weightlifting exercise into our programming, ensuring that you improve in all aspects and in a balanced manner. Getting fit isn’t just about lifting more, or running faster, it’s about having better balance, mobility, and diet habits, too.

There are plenty of gyms in Columbia SC, but we’re confident that if you come to Workhorse to become a better, healthier, and happier you, you’ll achieve just that.

Get started with a one-on-one meeting with our head trainer.

No gyms in Columbia compare…

You just have to ask our members. Here are just a few reviews and testimonials:

For too long, I had fallen into the routine of working all day and not making time for my physical fitness. Finally, I made the decision to get back in shape, and I started working out at Workhorse Fitness, which is a newer gym off Huger Street. Workhorse combines a lot of the elements of CrossFit, but there is a great deal of personal training and personal attention. In just under two months, I have had a noticeable change in both my physical fitness and my mental health. The owner/head trainer is a wonderful guy who really does a great job of targeting the physical, nutritional, and mental factors that go into a healthy life.

– Workhorse member Bryan Caskey

“I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about two months after my 21st birthday. There are a lot of unknowns with an MS diagnosis and I didn’t want to let the fear of the unknown stop me from doing everything that I wanted to do. For me, that included exercising and moving for as long as I am gifted with that privilege. (That’s right! Exercise is a privilege. 😉 Well, maybe with the exception of burpees.)

So, I started working out with this awesome group of people that same year. To be a part of Workhorse is to be a part of a little family! It is a completely non-judgmental group of people that push you to try harder and even celebrate your successes alongside of you. When I’m at Workhorse, I feel like MS is losing. That is a pretty awesome feeling. Come hang out with us!”

– Workhorse member Emily Bethea

I never really enjoyed going to the gym before I started working out at Workhorse Fitness. The workouts are challenging but fun and everyone is super supportive. When I first began my fitness journey I was completely out of shape and could barely finish the first workout. After several months of training I really see a difference in how I perform and how I feel. Anyone who is looking to make a change in their lifestyle should check this program out. It really did change my life and I love my Workhorse family!

– Workhorse member Grace Bowles